For the strongest temporary crowns and bridges: Kettenbach adds Visalys® Temp to its portfolio

Huntington Beach, CA, January 21, 2013 – Dental products specialist Kettenbach LP ( has introduced new Visalys® Temp. With this development, Kettenbach sets new materials standards for provisional crowns and bridges. Visalys® Temp ensures demonstrably stronger temporaries that are highly aesthetic and more fracture-resistant and manufactured without BPA. Scientific studies at the University of Erlangen and extensive user testing have confirmed these properties.

A dental laboratory needs one to four weeks to fabricate a permanent bridge or crown. Temporary crowns or bridges are made for this period so the patient is not impaired in terms of dental health or appearance. For these provisional solutions, stability and aesthetic result are top priorities for both patient and dentist.

Kettenbach’s new product Visalys® Temp is a two-component BPA free resin based on a multifunctional acrylic composite. It can be used to make highly aesthetic temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers including long-term provisionals. Now dentists can make provisional restorations with Visalys® Temp that are remarkably stable and fracture resistant due to its unique, new monomer structure.

Tests demonstrate a particularly strong, aesthetic and comfortable result
Scientific studies at the University of Erlangen, as well as extensive clinical practice tests, prove that Visalys® Temp has excellent mechanical properties in comparison with leading competitor products. The stability and fracture resistance of a crown and bridge material are defined by six main parameters: bending strength, impact strength, diametral tensile strength, elastic modulus, fatigue factor, and Barcol hardness. In an independent in vivo market study, dentists rated provisional restorations made of Visalys® Temp as being clearly more break-resistant than other manufacturers’ temporaries; 90 percent of those surveyed said they would switch to Visalys® Temp.

In addition, the material is easy-to-use and guarantees superior aesthetic results in addition to stability. The smooth surface ensures a pleasant feeling in the mouth and impedes plaque formation. Visalys® Temp can be precisely milled and minimizes dust formation. Its natural fluorescence and translucency are optimal for restorations of front teeth. Visalys® Temp also contains no bisphenol A, a substance suspected of impairing health.

The Visalys® Temp product line
Kettenbach 2013 Price List
Temp Materials
Visalys Temp, A 1
1x50 ml, 15 mixing tips
Visalys Temp, A 2
1x50 ml, 15 mixing tips
Visalys Temp, A 3
1x50 ml, 15 mixing tips
Visalys Temp, A 3,5
1x50 ml, 15 mixing tips
Visalys Temp, B 1
1x50 ml, 15 mixing tips
Visalys Temp, BL
1x50 ml, 15 mixing tips
Intro, A2 + Dispenser
Apply fix 6 dispensing gun, 1x50 ml, 15 mixing tips
Visalys Temp - Mixing Tips
50 mixing tips
Applyfix 6
Dispensing gun

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About Kettenbach LP
Kettenbach LP is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG located in Eschenburg, Germany. Founded by August Kettenbach in 1944, Kettenbach GmbH was created for the development and marketing of medical and dental products. Today, the company is one of the leading international producers of impression materials for dental use and is also known in other surgical areas of medicine. For more information about Kettenbach LP products, please call 877-KEBA(5322)-123 or visit


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