Point 4 and Prodigy to be discountinued

From Kerr,

You have been a loyal user of Point 4 and/or Prodigy, and your works have undoubtedly shown the quality and longevity of these two Kerr composites. In 2009, Kerr introduced Herculite Ultra, a nanohybrid composite that combines the clinical legacy of Herculite with advanced science for a very strong yet esthetic and easy-to-use composite. Because Kerr now has a composite that rivals and even surpasses Point 4 and Prodigy in handling, strength, and esthetics, we believe it is time to transition users of Point 4 and Prodigy to a better and more advanced product that is Herculite Ultra.

If you have yet to try Herculite Ultra, we are more than happy to provide you with material to try in your facility. Please let us know.

We have also built a presentation for you to incorporate in your lectures about transitioning from Point 4 and Prodigy to Herculite Ultra. Please share with those who follow your works in the dental community. We believe that your influence can help build awareness of Herculite Ultra and guide dentists to choose a material that is more beneficial for their practice.

Lastly, we thought it’s important to note that Prodigy and Prodigy Condensable are to be exited in late 2012. Point 4 will being discontinued in 2013.

Thank you for your continued contribution to Kerr and the dental community.


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