D4D Technologies Introduces E4D Solo™ Scan-Only System

Richardson, TX – (November 6, 2012) –

D4D Technologies announced today the launch of E4D Solo scan-only digital impression system. E4D Solo, in conjunction with the E4D Sky™ communication network the company also announced today, enables E4D Solo operators to send scanned restorative case data via the internet to internal and external service providers, for design and fabrication of restorations, models, and bridges.

E4D Solo offers new options for offices that want to introduce highly accurate digital impressions and enhance their patients’ comfort and convenience. By connecting with E4D Sky, E4D Solo provides access to a truly open network of services, including E4D Digital Services where experts will design, mill and finish restorations, or fabricate models or bridges. E4D Sky can also connect offices to E4D Certified Laboratories offering a full range of services. An additional option is to export an .stl open platform file of the scan data that can be downloaded to any third party provider.

Offices that already use the full E4D system can expand their capabilities by adding an E4D Solo and then designing and fabricating in house or using E4D Sky services at busy times or for more complex cases. E4D Solo is available in a cart configuration for intraoral, model, or impression scanning as well as a desktop configuration for model and impression scanning only.  “E4D Solo is the solution for clinicians who are not ready to adopt full chairside CAD CAM in their practices, as well as for those who have already experienced the benefits of this technology and are ready to grow their capacity,” said Gary Severance, DDS. “We are pleased to announce that E4D Solo is now available to all new and current customers.”
For more information, visit www.e4d.com.


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