Liptak Dental's DDS Rescue to the Rescue

Last week the entire East Coast of the US was hit by Hurricane Sandy. New Jersey were I live has been heavily damaged. My primary residence sustained minimal damage, lost power and communications for a number of days, my office only lost power and communications. My beach home ... who knows a this time as we are not allowed into the town at this time to check for damage.

Even though I was not thinking about it at the time (there were much more pressing issues) Liptak Dental was thinking about me!

Although I had minimal communications I did receive an email  on my smartphone from Liptak Dental informing me that they were aware of the fact the my server had been off line for an extended period of time and they were activating my cloud based server and enabling me to have remote access to my office server. This was not just access to my data but to the "The Server". We were up and running if and when needed!

I am using DDS Rescue. My office data is the most valuable asset of my practice. I love the fact everything was there from my practice managment system, patient chart notes to radiographs. This shows a benefit of being a chartless office but even if you are not you still need your office information.

There is a dental office a few blocks down from my beach house that in all likelihood was destroyed. I hope the dentists and their staff are all safe and have good backups when they are ready to start practicing again.

When the chips are down its always nice to know someone has your back and in this case the Liptak Dental folks had my back.

Thanks to Paul, Kenny, Shaun, David and Marshal for being there.

One happy and satisfied customer.