Using Teeth to Help Restore Hearing in One Ear

I blogged about this a few years ago. It looks like it is finally becoming readily available. Check out the entire article in the Wall Street Journal. MJ

Susie Reust lost the hearing in her right ear due to a brain abscess—and says she lost much of her life as well. "It's very isolating. People think you're stupid because you don't respond to them," says the 45-year-old financial manager for a hospital chain in Phoenix.
In January, Ms. Reust tried a new hearing system that transmits sounds wirelessly through the teeth. Leaving the audiologist's office, she says she almost cried when she heard a sound on her right—high heels clicking on the sidewalk—for the first time in 10 years.
"To this day, I'm constantly clicking a pen near my right ear, just for the joy of hearing it," she says.
The aptly named SoundBite system relies on bone conduction—the ability of sound waves to travel from teeth through the bones in the skull.

Read the rest on the WSJ site


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