Kodak Situation Has No Impact on Dental Imaging Products

Carestream Dental has received questions about Eastman Kodak Company’s recent filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and the challenges this might have on product support and development.
We have been a stand alone company since 2007 and we will continue to develop and manufacture high quality, innovative products, provide outstanding customer support and help our customers succeed. Carestream Dental simply licenses the right to use the KODAK name on some of the products that we manufacture.
For more than 100-years Carestream Dental has worked tirelessly to become one of the world’s largest dental imaging and dental software companies. More than 1 million dentists in 120 countries use Carestream Dental products to enhance their efficiency and improve their patient care through better workflow and more precise diagnoses.
Carestream is a strong, profitable and growing company.  Be assured that Kodak’s financial challenges do not affect Carestream in any way, and that we are as committed as ever to our customers’ success and advancing the state of dental care around the world.
Richard Hirschland
President, Dental Systems


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