The relationship among temporomandibular dysfunction and hearing alterations

Rev. CEFAC vol.12 no.6 São Paulo Nov./Dec. 2010 Epub Sep 08, 2010

BACKGROUND: the balance referring to the structures and functions of the stomatognatic system depends on the appropriate functioning of the Temporomandibular Joint, and this one, needs the correct teeth occlusion for accomplishing the functional needs when moving the jaw. The muscle or structural unbalance of the Temporomandibular Joint may result in a dysfunction of this joint and cause diverse signs and symptoms such as hearing manifestations, namely: tinnitus and ear pain.
PURPOSE: literature review in the areas of audiology, otolaryngology and dentistry aiming at associating them with Temporomandibular Dysfunction and show the importance of multidisciplinary activities, emphasizing the speech action in such dysfunction.
CONCLUSION: many hypotheses try to explain the existent relationship among the Temporomandibular Dysfunction and hearing alterations. We verified that there is a link between the stomatognatic system and the hearing system. However, most important than just associating the stomatognatic and hearing systems, the team has been involved in the assistance to the patients, including the speech therapy professional that must have knowledge about anatomy and physiology of the Temporomandibular Joint and related disorders, causes and consequences. The said professional should be capable to distinguish the effective therapy for each disorder and evaluate the indications and contra-indications of each one, and, finally, examine the conduct with referrals being appropriate for the case evolution.


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