The Daily- New Content For Your iPad

  • The Daily is built from scratch for the iPad by some of the best in the business to bring you a package that’s smart, attractive, and entertaining.
  • On Wednesday, February 2, Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of News Corporation, announced the launch of The Daily on the iPad. Also present were Jon Miller from News Corporation, Eddy Cue from Apple, and The Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Jesse Angelo.
  • The Daily takes full advantage of the iPad’s storytelling and sharing capabilities. Stories, photos, video, audio and graphics come alive the more you touch, swipe, tap and explore.
  • The Daily publishes 365 days a year covering breaking news, sports, pop culture, entertainment, apps, games, technology, opinion, celebrity gossip and more.
  • The Daily is absolutely free for two weeks from the time you download it to your iPad.
  • The Daily is available through Apple’s iTunes subscription service and via the iPad App Store for $0.99 a week or $39.99 a year.
  • The Daily will be offered on additional tablets over the coming months.
  • While The Daily lives on the iPad, web-friendly versions of most of The Daily’s articles and features can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • The Daily covers news, sports, gossip & celebrity, opinion, arts & life, and apps & games.
  • Launch advertisers on The Daily include HBO, Macy’s, Paramount, Pepsi Max, Range Rover, Verizon and Virgin Atlantic Airways.
  • The Daily has bureaus in New York and Los Angeles, and stringers across the country.
  • Some highlights of The Daily include:
    • Original content every single day of the year
    • Original videos
    • 360-degree photos you can explore by swiping
    • Immersive photography
    • Interactive charts, info-graphics and clickable hot spots
    • The option to save articles to read later
    • Web-friendly versions of articles you can share via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail
    • Your favorite sports teams’ scores, news and photos
    • In-app commenting — including audio comments
    • Your local weather
    • Crossword and sudoku puzzles every day
  • Executive staff bios are available at
  • The Daily is available now on the App Store:


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