Isolite's new small deep vestibule (DV) mouthpiece

As an Isolite user this will be helpful! MJ

Isolite Systems, maker of the award-winning Isolite™ and Isodry dental isolation systems, will debut a new small deep vestibule (DV) mouthpiece for its dental isolation systems at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, Feb. 24–26.
Both dental isolation systems hold the patient’s mouth open, keep the tongue out of the working field and guard the patient’s airway –— all while continuously evacuating saliva and excess moisture. Working with Isolite Systems’ dental isolation technology allows dental professionals to perform procedures more efficiently with greater control over the oral environment.
The super-soft Isolite mouthpiece used with the Isolite and Isodry systems makes for a more comfortable experience for the patient, allowing the patient to rest his/her jaw on a soft-bite block versus having to hold it open for the entire dental procedure. With the tongue comfortably retracted by the Isolite mouthpiece, it is kept safely away from the dental procedure and the dental drill in order to avoid unintentional injury of the tongue. Additionally, the Isolite mouthpiece shields the patient’s airway as an added measure of safety to prevent inadvertent aspiration of a foreign body, such as a broken or extracted tooth, crown or implant.
With the addition of the new small DV mouthpiece to its product line-up, Isolite Systems now makes available six distinct super-soft mouthpieces that are designed to fit patients varying in size — from small children to large adults.
The new size was developed for patients that need a small bite-block, but have a relatively deeper vestibule compared to other small-mouthed people. For these patient types, the new shape and design of the small DV mouthpiece allows for an even more complete tongue retraction and better fit in the mouth. Its expanded cheek shield shape provides improved suction that goes deeper into the vestibule. The new design also features a more stable bite block that provides for additional suction capacity behind the bite block, insuring saliva does not pool behind the mouthpiece.
The new small DV mouthpiece was developed based on customer feedback. “We had such a positive response to the medium DV mouthpiece that we introduced, we wanted to bring those advantages to our smaller-sized mouthpiece,” said Dr. Thomas Hirsch, Isolite Systems co-founder and director of clinical relations.
For more information about Isolite Systems and its products, including a video tour and clinical videos, please visit or call (800) 560-6066.


The new Isolite mounthpiece promises to be handy in everyday practice. It seems to provide a helpful solution for saliva accumulation during instrumentation. it would be interesting to assess how dental hygienists and dentists work around this device, and whether it lenghthens the instrumentation time. It would be important to consider that it may have to be retrieved repeatedly to access the distal surface of the maxillary third molars to allow the patient to close his/her mandible a bit, and avoid lateral process obstruction, in those cases where the alveolar process is dentulous down to that unit. I think it would also have an impact, and it should be noted, on periodontal recare, for those cases where both lower quadrants are blocked, leading to loss of muscle control of the mandible by the patient. other than that. I fear, the excitement to save working time, may lead some practitioners to leave the device in place without giving the patient a chance to rest, which patients realize and truly appreciate.
Mark Frias, RDH said…
I've been using the new small Dv mouthpieces for a few months and like it so far. It fits well on patients who's 12 year old molars haven't erupted, but are a bit older 9 to 11 years old, or patients (adults and teens) with very small mouths and 12 year molars present.

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