DentalXChange Supports DentalOne Partners, Inc., By Delivering A Company-Wide Electronic Eligibility Solution

DentalXChange Supports DentalOne Partners, Inc., By Delivering A Company-Wide Electronic Eligibility Solution
02 Sep 2010

EDI Health Group, Inc., (EHG), parent company of DentalXChange, a provider of enhanced connectivity, streamlined technology and transaction solutions for patients, payers and providers in the dental industry, has been selected by DentalOne Partners, Inc., a dental service organization with over 155 affiliated locations in 14 states, to provide a corporate-wide capability that enables electronic 270/271 EDI transactions to determine dental patient eligibility.

DentalXChange provides a robust suite of near real-time revenue management services including electronic claims processing and online claim status reporting, electronic remittance advise, eligibility and benefits, DHMO rosters and reporting, payment processing, and patient financing, enabling providers to lower costs, reduce paperwork headaches and improve service to patients.

"The corporate-wide implementation of DentalXChange's services is now complete," stated Jason Brumbach, Director of Quality and Business Innovation at DentalOne Partners. "The new service enables practices and corporate office staff to integrate DentalXChange's connectivity with DentalOne's proprietary practice management system to obtain near real-time eligibility responses for the patients that they serve within their existing systems. The addition of DentalXChange's service will eventually eliminate costly and time-consuming phone calls by DentalOne's practices to insurance carriers."

Andy McBryde, vice president of Central Operations for DentalOne Partners, Inc., explained that DentalOne is now conducting insurance eligibility transactions electronically with several payers through DentalXChange. "We expect to increase the use of this technology over the remainder of the fourth quarter, up to 21 payers, with more to follow thereafter. As insurance carriers improve the 271 response, DentalOne is looking to eliminate all calls to the call centers in regards to benefits provided electronically."

DentalXChange and DentalOne Partners are both very active in the "Uniting the Industry" forum, an initiative sponsored by the National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC), and are working to promote the use of the 270/271 EDI transaction. Reducing expenses for both payers and dental providers through the reduction in human communications, either by local offices or outsourcing eligibility calls to other countries, is the key focus of the forum.

By utilizing the near real-time services provided through DentalXChange, patients will see improved services in the form of streamlined check-in processes and the ability to make more informed treatment decisions at the time of service. DentalXChange will continue to expand the roster of participating payers, focusing on improving the content of the transaction to include the top 50 elements that are part of the "Uniting the Industry" recommendation for the 271. DentalOne Partners, Inc., and DentalXChange are working in collaboration with industry specialists to help implement needed change.


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