Air Techniques Introduces Patented “Antimicrobial Coating” to the Dental Industry

Date: 09/07/2010

Air Techniques, Inc., a leading manufacturer of dental equipment for nearly five decades, introduces a Patented “Antimicrobial Coating” to its complete line of AirStar® Dental Compressors. Air Techniques was first to introduce Oil-Free Compressor Technology in the USA and the first and only dental company to currently use Membrane Dryer Technology. Continuing to lead the industry in innovation, Air Techniques’ AirStar tanks are now lined with a patented antimicrobial coating to inhibit bacterial growth and ensure consistent dry, safe air -- protecting your patients’ health.

AirStar’s main compressor tank is internally coated with antimicrobial material, inhibiting the

growth and transmission of harmful bacteria. This patented, silver-based powder coating uses environmentally sustainable silver ions that work 24/7 to protect against bacterial cell functions, by disrupting and prohibiting their growth and reproduction. Silver ions have proven effective at inhibiting the growth of many types of bacteria. Air Techniques utilizes the latest technology to create a uniform, total surface covering, ultra-thin internal lining, preserving the health of your patients and protecting your instruments and handheld equipment from oxidation.

“AirStar continues to lead the pack in performance, innovation and reliability, and today we are making it even better,” said Jay Ramachandran, product manager at Air Techniques. “With an internally-coated antimicrobial tank, AirStar delivers consistently safe, reliable and dry air assuring peace of mind for dentists and patients.”


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