Are you keeping your Lexi-Comp software updated?

I am a big fan of Lexi products and use the Online and phone editions. MJ
Are you keeping your Lexi-Comp software updated?

One of the most valuable features of Lexi-Comp's drug information is our continually-enhanced content! Update your software regularly and ensure you are always accessing the timeliest clinical information, including new drug approvals and special alerts. Read on for some quick tips on how to update, or view our Video Tours to learn more.

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad - Tap the update tab or the "more" button (lower right), select your updates, and tap "update".

Android - Select the Update tab at the top, tap the menu button on your device, choose "Select All", then tap the menu button again and select "Update Selected Items".

BlackBerry 5 and 6 devices - Tap the BlackBerry button, select "update". Tap the BlackBerry button again, select "Select All". Finally, tap the BlackBerry button once more and select "Update Products".

Palm webOS Devices - Tap the update button at the bottom, tap "Select All", then tap "Update".

Palm OS /Pocket PC - Launch Lexi-CONNECT on your desktop computer, download the available updates, and sync your device. Don't see the icon any longer? Re-download Lexi-CONNECT.

BlackBerry 4 and Mobile subscribers don't need to worry about updating. Each time you log in to your account, the most recent information is presented.

As always, should you need additional help, please contact Lexi-Comp Technical Support.

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