Pulpdent announces Tuff Temp

WATERTOWN, MA:  March 26, 2010, 2010— Pulpdent Corporation has announced a Special Introductory Offer for Tuff-Temp™ Rubberized-Urethane™ Provisional System. During the introduction of Tuff-Temp Provisional Veneer, Crown & Bridge Resin, Pulpdent is including Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze and Tuff-Temp Add-on flowable resin with all purchases as a free bonus special offer (a $45.00 value).

Tuff-Temp’s advanced rubberized-urethane chemistry provides greater strength and dimensional stability, and a tighter fitting provisional restoration, than acrylics and bis-acrylics. Breakage and debondings are minimized or eliminated. Tuff-Temp is also dual cure.

Tuff-Temp trims and powders to accurate margins and does not soften or distort during trimming and finishing. Finishing instruments do not gum up or clog. Tuff-Temp has the esthetics and handling of bis-acrylics and the strength of powder and liquid acrylics, but Tuff-Temp eliminates the brittleness, breakage, mixing, odor, heat generation, loose fit and debondings of acrylics and bis-acrylics.

A fast application of Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze provides enhanced esthetics and patient satisfaction during temporization.

For alterations or smile design, the Tuff-Temp system includes Tuff-Temp Provisional Add-on, a shade-matching, light cure, flowable resin formulated from the Pulpdent’s proprietary rubberized-urethane chemistry.

Tuff-Temp both self-cures and has a light cure option to produce a full-strength restoration on demand. The fast light cure option is also ideal for use with a clear vinyl polysiloxane template.

Tuff-Temp is available in a 50 mL automix cartridge and 5 mL automix syringe and is offered in six popular shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and Bleach.

Pulpdent manufactures high-quality products for the dental profession, including adhesives, composites, sealants, cements, etching gels, calcium hydroxide products, endodontic specialties and bonding accessories. For more information call 800-343-4342 or visit www.pulpdent.com.  


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