New Oral Mucositis Web Site

We use Caphosol in my office and I also offer free laser treatment for any cancer patient with mucositis whether a patient in my practice or not. MJ

Mouths Made Good

We are excited to share with you a new patient educational website that was recently launched to help patients with oral mucositis. Our goal was to provide a useful and informative resource where people can learn about this painful condition, share their insights, and help others overcome this lesser known side effect of cancer treatment.

The new site provides detailed information about the following:

    * The condition itself - what are the symptoms and how long will they last
    * The type of patients at risk - who is more likely to get oral mucositis
    * The consequences of oral mucositis
    * Oral mucositis management strategies
    * Diet and nutrition tips, and much more!

We invite you to visit and we hope that you will find it useful when you educate your patients on the condition and treatment options.

The Caphosol® Team
(Supersaturated Calcium Phosphate Rinse)

Caphosol Safety Information:

    * If Caphosol is swallowed accidently, no adverse effects are expected
    * There are no known interactions with other medications
    * Reported side effects have been rare and generally mild


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