Win Xp Now Costs More From Dell

Win Xp Now Costs More From Dell

Since very few are recommending running your dental office software on Vista, the recommendation was to have Windows XP SP3 installed by Dell. The cost to downgrade the operating system was $99. It now costs $150. Probably better off installing Windows XP yourself. If you don't think you can handle it think abut purchasing your hardware from a local PC shop.


HB3 said…
Marty, I am a IT service provider in the Jupiter, FL area that works with several Dental offices. I appreciate your comments on the G3 upgrade as there have been inquires about the benefits/problems of moving from Harmony V11 to G3.

With respect to the increase in cost of Xp Pro, yeah it sucks, however installing it yourself won't buy you much other than a few $$ in savings, you have to consider the your time involved and other tech glitches involved. If it comes installed on the PC then it is the responsiblity of the PC manf. to support it. I 've been both routes and pre-installed is definitely in my professional opinion the way to go.
Good points. I have been installing OS's since the early days but for most folks it is easier to have someone else do it for them

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