Is your organization looking for free CE?

If you organization is looking for a free CE course this maybe for you. This is a one day only offer. Dental Technology Solutions (that's Paul Feuerstein, John Flucke and I) is looking to do a a free lecture.

That's no cost to your organization. Here are the strings.

1. Has to be Friday March 13, 2009
2. Location needs to be in the Southwest or Western United States (easy PM flight to Phoenix)
3. You need to have a minimum of 30 dentists attending and supply the room and AV.

If your organization is interested please contact me through the DTS web site as soon as possible. The first organization to schedule and return the contract gets it.


Navy Dad said…
Support our troops and offer the US Naval Dental Corp your free CE course!
Sure we would love too. If you can get it set up then fine with us.

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