PC with XP for your office

I am still hearing stories of people getting new computers for their dental office and having problems with Windows Vista. Well until the end of the year Geeks.com is selling a Dell PC that should run any dental software you use. The best part of this deal is not the $189.99 price but the fact the PC comes with Windows XP Pro. Offer ends 12/31/08

Check out the deal at Geeks.com


Ladd Dental said…
A couple of caveats. One, this is only a single processor and even though it has 1GB of RAM I would not utilize it anywhere but in an operatory and even then only as a last choice. As a front office computer I feel you would be longing for more horsepower in a short time. Personally, I would not put less than a dual core processor with at least 2GB of RAM anywhere in the office just for future proofing. Second, from personal experience I would hesitate in purchasing refurbished equipment even with a price such as it is offered in that AD. I ran into issues first with refurbished Gateways and then Dells. The issues ranged from onboard video issues to premature power supply failures some of which took the motherboard with it.
I agree with you about the the processor and future proofing but the fact is most dental offices are running on legacy equipment. Any bump in speed would be noticeable. Getting Windows XP is just a plus.

I have bought plenty of refurbished PC's and equipment and have yet to run into a problem. As usual your mileage may vary.

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