New version of Company’s leading practice management system

driven by customer feedback and suggestions

MELVILLE, N.Y., December 17, 2008 --Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC), the largest distributor of healthcare products and services in the combined North American and European markets, today announced the release of DENTRIX G4, the latest upgrade to its market leading practice management software system. DENTRIX is the most widely used practice management system for dental professionals and is currently used by 26,000 practices in the United States.

“Practitioners will greatly benefit from the numerous enhancements to our system, which reflect a year of designing and testing based on customer feedback and our leading technology expertise,” said Kevin Bunker, Vice-President and General Manager of Henry Schein’s Practice Solutions division. “We believe that our customers are our best resource for input in helping us to develop the most effective practice management tools to help the doctor improve efficiency and focus more on patient care and satisfaction.”

There are many time saving, productivity enhancements in the new version of DENTRIX G4, including:

* Family Alerts: A practice can now choose to apply an alert to the patient’s entire family or to specific family members, so only one alert is created. Other time-saving features include custom alert note tem­plates and the ability to insert alert datelines and creation dates.
* Default Payment Allocations and Payments: The practice can set a default payment allocation to either the guarantor’s provider or a split payment option, allowing this task to be completed

quicker than ever before. And for faster searching, the practice can now search for specific payments by check number, amount, date, insurance carrier, or guarantor, and a report of the results can be printed.

· Billing Statements and Insurance Claims: Administrators can now specify whether to send billing statements to batch and print at anytime or electronically, as well as send insurance claims electronically by default and receive a real-time notice when submitting real-time electronic claims.

* Personal Preference Customization: Create and manage custom procedure button sets for the Tooth Chart as well as personal preferences that will appear on any computer in the network.
* Quick Access to Training Resources: Customers subscribed to a customer service plan now have one-click access to41 different topics that are perfect for new staff that may need basic training at www.dentrix.com and access the online knowledgebase for technical assistance 24/7.

DENTRIX G4 will be automatically shipped to customers subscribed to a customer service plan. Unlimited, toll-free technical support, upgrades, electronic backup, a basic Website, access to knowledgebase resources, online training courses, discounts, and more are included with the DENTRIX customer service plan. Practices that are not subscribed to a customer service plan can call 1-800-DENTRIX to learn how they can upgrade.


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