A Nice Article On A Pediatric Dental Office

September 26, 2008

Old Bridge dentists give children reason to smile


The way her friend bragged about her dentist office's waiting area, Larissa Goldberg just had to see it for herself.

So when Larissa, 13, followed her friend, 14-year-old Harley Schaktman, into her pediatric dentist office, the two stopped, stood wide-eyed and then raced each other to the corner of the waiting room, grabbing hold of two video-game controllers. Then, while laughing, Harley watched as her character stomped on Larissa's character on the TV screen.

"Strangely, this has always been a place where Harley came to have fun," said Harley's mother, Jodi, an East Brunswick resident. "The first time we came here, she cried because she didn't want to see the dentist, but she hasn't cried since."

Odd. Isn't Harley supposed to cry? Doesn't everyone before visiting the dentist?

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