Long Computer hours Cause Tooth Decay

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The new age has churned out a lot of net freaks and pc addicts. He sits planted on the computer chair surfing on for hours together ignoring the social aspect of his life. Apart from damage to the eye and back,long hours in front of the pc with out breaks can also leave one susceptible to oral health damage.

A study has warned what has been brought out in many reports, against spending long hours in front of the computer. This especially addresses the computer freaks and net addicts out there.

Apart from the other effects on general health such as back strain and eye problems, spending long hours on the pc puts you at a risk of developing dental problems.

Ever noticed bad breath from your mouth when sitting in front of the pc for a long time and suddenly opening your mouth? Well this is just one minor effect.
Surfing excessively causes tooth decay

Surfing Excessively causes TOOTH DECAY

Long hours in front of PC causes dehydration of the mouth. What this means is that there is reduced saliva in your mouth. Saliva is a natural mouthwash which prevents bacteria accumulation in your mouth. So, when this is reduced, bacteria thrive in such conditions leading to the development of plaque.

Frequent occurrence of this puts you at a very high risk for developing Tooth Decay (Caries). This is due to acids released by the bacteria which causes the teeth to decay.
So What to Do About IT ?

Don’t worry you do not have to quit surfing but follow a few precautions.

* Take 10 mins breaks after every hour or two on the Computer ( A BREAK means a BREAK and not sitting infront of the idiot box). Relax yourself and return to your favourite gadget after the break.
* Keep a bottle of water handy. Drink a glass of water after half an hour or so. This re hydrates your mouth removing bad odor and inhibiting bacteria.



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