DentalEZ® Online Video Series takes Dental Industry Marketing to New Level

Malvern, PA (October 23, 2008) – DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, recently launched a series of tongue-in-cheek web videos that have propelled the dental manufacturer into the big leagues of interactive video marketing.

The humorous videos are currently featured on DentalEZ’s newly designed micro site, and are taking the dental industry by storm. The videos have generated quite a buzz among dental professionals who are forwarding them virally to colleagues and associates, meanwhile gaining the dental manufacturer priceless brand awareness.

“We are so excited about these videos,” remarked Randy Arner, Vice President of Marketing for DentalEZ Group. “We wanted to make them entertaining as well as informative. As far as we know, these videos are the first of their kind in the dental industry, and we are happy that dental professionals enjoy them as much as we do.”

The first of a series of six web videos was released by DentalEZ back in May 2008. By popular demand, DentalEZ then went onto launch one video a month throughout the last five months as a result of the ongoing positive feedback and tremendous viewership of the videos.

According to Lanmark Group Chief Strategy Officer, Michael McCarthy, “Many B2B marketers forget that their target audiences are power users of the latest internet and social media technology at home. It’s great to have a client like DentalEZ who is not afraid to challenge conventional dental marketing thinking.”

One of the most talked about videos in the series is a humorous skit starring one of Hollywood’s most famous monsters, Frankenstein, where he is shown admiring one of DentalEZ’s popular NevinLabs Freedom™ Workstations. Another features DentalEZ’s popular J/V-Generation® chair, a classic staple among dental operatories throughout the industry, positioned alongside a pool with a bathing suit-clad couple preferring the comfort of the ergonomically correct seating over a traditional chaise lounge.

In addition to the videos, the new DentalEZ micro site also includes an interactive iDemo that showcases a complete DentalEZ operatory, numerous links for additional product information, and a discussion about DentalEZ service and products with a DentalEZ executive.

The DentalEZ online video series can be viewed at and can also be found at several video user generated content sites such as YouTube, Yahoo, and Myspace.


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