From ADA-Pelton Crane Helios 3000

Well I finally am getting some time to discuss some products I saw at both the CDA and ADA conventions

Usually you won't find much new in over the patient lighting. Well there is something new. Pelton Crane has released the Helios 3000 LED Operating Light. The light consists of 4 different colored LEDS (red, green, blue and amber). It has 2 settings one for 5000°K and the other for 4200°K. This is perfect for shade matching. You can verify the shade at both setting by simple hitting a switch on the controller. With the touch of another switch you can eliminate the blue color and inhibit the setting of composite. It has a maximum output of 48 watts and uses 70% less energy then a standard halogen bulb. It should only cost about $10 a year to run this light.

So if your looking for a new patient light go check out the Pelton Crane Web Site.


Sydental said…
Seems like this is a more advanced lighting option than the Philips Lumiled which I've come very close to buying.
Its a shame I couldn't make it to the ADA this year but thanks to your blog, Marty Jablow's blog, and I don't think I've missed a thing!


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