UAppoint and Open Dental Integration

The Dental PMS Hybrid -- Integrating Desktop Practice Management Software with the WWW

OpenDental and UAppoint are pleased to announce a unique offering to the dental community. With the release of the latest version of OpenDental software, practices have all the advantages of the fully featured desktop practice management program and the ability to leverage the power of the Internet for efficient and profitable doctor-patient communications. Integrating desktop software with functions unique to the world wide web creates a hybrid solution; a significant paradigm shift in dental practice management.

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) August 26, 2008 -- (PRWEB) August 26, 2008 -- OpenDental and UAppoint are pleased to announce a unique offering to the dental community. With the release of OpenDental version 5.9, dental practices have all the advantages of the fully featured desktop practice management program, with a direct link to the Internet for efficient and profitable doctor-patient communications.

Doctors appreciate physical possession of their computer programs and practice data. Patients want to the convenience of connecting with their doctor's office via email and the Internet. By integrating UAppoint with OpenDental, doctors can now offer patients the convenience of the Internet while retaining full control of their dental practice management systems.

This OpenDental-UAppoint, desktop-Internet hybrid offers doctors the security and convenience of having the practice data under their control, while benefiting from the features only available from an online service. This hybrid makes it possible to view the office schedule and patient contact information from any place the doctor has access to the Internet.

The hybrid offers patients the option of scheduling their own hygiene appointments in real time without having to play phone tag or being limited to office hours. Other features, such as online patient satisfaction surveys, referral thank you messages, new patient welcome email with attached patient registration forms, instant appointment cards, reminders and confirmations as well as an up to the minute recall/reactivation report are an integral part of the hybrid.

Using the UAppoint service empowers patients to request specific appointment times that are actually available that very instant, thus automatically filling open slots in the doctor's schedule. The available time slots are based on criteria previously determined by the practice. Since the doctor's office knows the particular needs and preferences of the patient, there are no user names or passwords for the patient to remember. Integration instructions for a free trial version of OpenDental and 60-day free trial of UAppoint's premium service are readily available from the website.

OpenDental and UAppoint were developed, designed, and are operated by wet-gloved dentists for dentists. These doctors understand the needs of dentistry first hand, as they are directly involved with patient care and in managing dental technology. President of OpenDental Software®, Dr Jordan Sparks adds, "We are excited about being able to recommend UAppoint as an e-solution for our customers. UAppoint has our full support and cooperation."

About OpenDental
OpenDental aims to make its program the world standard for dental software by making it easy to access and share data.. OpenDental, previously known as Free Dental, is an open source Practice Management Software licensed under the GNU General Public License. Programmed using the C# programming language compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework and the Mono project. The most recent versions of OpenDental run on Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

About UAppoint
UAppoint, Inc., founded in 2004, specializes in smart patient scheduling solutions, thus enabling medical and dental practices to provide exceptional service to doctors, their staff, and the patients they serve. UAppoint's patented online appointment scheduling service is fully HIPAA complaint, creating a direct link between the invitation to schedule a recall appointment and the patient filling an open slot, instantly.


Min said…
Our office has been using UAppoint (with Dentrix) for about six months now.

UAppoint is the greatest, and even better than the free services. The emails sent to patients are ad-free (unlike those free services).

There are a lot of subtle points to UAppoint that I am learning about as time goes on.

Though there are a few additional options that may (or not) be good to add in future versions, the current UAppoint system is solid.

I can't imagine any computer-based dental office not having UAppoint.

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