Zenith Dental to Unveil Complete Post and Core Restorative System

– Zenith Dental, the visionary company with a 25-year tradition of introducing innovative and reliable restorative dental products and exclusive distributor of DMG-manufactured products, will officially introduce a complete system designed for post and core restorations during this year’s 143rd Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting at booth #1247.

The new LuxaBond® – Total Etch, LuxaPost® Composite Post, and LuxaCore® Z-Dual Post Cement are designed to work together as the ideal system for post and core restorations.

• The inclusion of zirconium dioxide and DMG-patented nanotechnology sets LuxaCore® Z-Dual apart from any other core material or post cement on the market. Particle agglomeration (clumping) within the resin matrix is virtually eliminated, and at 380 MPa, the composition has superior compressive strength. Moreover, clinical tests confirm that LuxaCore Z is virtually identical to dentin in cuttability and polishability. In addition, 20-micron film thickness and near-perfect flow make LuxaCore Z-Dual the ideal post cement, and perfect for placing endodontic posts.

• LuxaBond® – Total Etch is the perfect partner for all indirect techniques. The dual-curing adhesive system is compatible with all commercially available self-curing and dual-curing materials. No light is needed for LuxaBond – Total Etch curing, making it particularly well-suited for indirect techniques, such as challenging cementation of posts, core build-ups, inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges.

• LuxaPost® is a transparent glass-fiber-reinforced composite post with a flexural modulus that reacts to pressure and stress much like natural dentin. Its dentin-like properties make LuxaPost the perfect partner for LuxaCore Dual, America’s number-one-selling composite for core build-up and post cementation.

In addition, each new product is designed to work independently or in conjunction with similar restorative component materials. For more information and a hands-on demonstration of the new system, please stop by the Zenith/DMG booth (#1247) at this year’s Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

For immediate information, please call 800-662-6383, or log onto www.zenithdental.com.

About Zenith Dental

Since 1982, Zenith Dental has been the visionary company responsible for introducing some of the most widely used and clinically successful dental restorative products to North America. Zenith selects and partners with leading global dental manufacturers to provide American and Canadian dentists with a comprehensive range of exceptional restorative materials.

Zenith’s premier partner is DMG, recognized for 40 years as a global leader in the research, development, and production of innovative dental materials.
Zenith Dental has the distinction of being the exclusive distributor of DMG products in the U.S. and Canada. Together with DMG, Zenith Dental has become known as the “Automix specialists.” Its leading role in Automix products began over a decade ago with the release of Luxatemp®, the first automix provisional restorative material. Zenith went on to introduce a wide range of advanced materials, which have become market leaders thanks to their clinical efficacy and ease of use.
For more information, and a complete list of Zenith Dental product offerings, please visit www.zenithdental.com, or call 1-800-662-6383.


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