Probe of Insurance Companies For Setting Low UCR's

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday he is conducting an industry-wide probe of health insurers into an alleged scheme to defraud consumers by manipulating reimbursement rates.

The scheme centers on Ingenix, the nation's largest provider of health care billing information, which serves as a conduit for rate data to the largest insurers in the country, Cuomo said in a statement.

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Rose said…
If AG Cuomo’s suspicions are correct, this is just one example of billions of travesties that occur every single day in the US. As a family dentist in East Hampstead, New Hampshire, and a Dental Examiner for the North East Regional Board of Dental Examiners, Founder of IADMD, an organization for doctors of all disciplines that honor the Hippocratic oath—not the bottom line of powerful interests, there is waste and there is deception shortchanging every policyholder's wallet and it needs to end. Americans who need health care and make sacrifices in their quality of life to afford to pay for insurance should not be cheated or deceived by their insurers. For hard working payers of insurance, IADMD's plan can avert deceptions and place policyholders facing problematic situations in recovery. The IADMD doctor-led universal health care plan recommends allowing unbiased teams of two physicians and two dentists from the association to stand before insurance commissioners in every state, to oversee and stop problems before they happen, and to intervene and correct when they are found to have gone awry. How else do we begin to recover from this and from like situations happening in parallel? We do so by asking legislators to listen to IADMD, by bringing dentists and physicians together to become a vital part of the insurance regulatory process. When insurers request their all-too-frequent rate increase proposals and their numbers for usual, customary and reasonable services (UCR) to state insurance commissioners, we let IADMD provide a voice on behalf of optimal patient-care and intervene on inappropriate rate increases and lowered UCR requests which put insurance profits before patient-care and affordability. As patients tend to go with what is covered as opposed to a doctor's preferred treatment of choice, in this example of possible inappropriately lowered UCR, patients tend to forgo the treatment considering it unaffordable. Besides these allegations there is much more debris that has to be cleaned up, and I will help Andrew Cuomo and others in any form as I am needed to help pick up the pieces of a shattered bureaucracy and assist in building a more responsive to patient-care United States for every individual and without socialized medicine—promoting the way to do this is by bringing doctors back in charge of medicine —for the United States stay the leader in the world of health care—NOT succumb to following other nations! As I remain dedicated to promote, protect, and advance human life, with a message to put health care back in the hands of doctors, I will help you get this message out and I welcome your questions.

John J. Ryan, DMD

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Dedicated to promote, protect, and advance human life, our mission is to put health care back in the hands of doctors.

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