Dentrix G3 Preview

I got to see some more of the Dentrix G3 preview while at the Chicago Mid-Winter meeting. The software is still in beta but hopefully it will go Gold in the 2Q 2008. Here are some things to expect.

Speed- The patient chart and treatment planner will open faster and the overall software should be speedier.

The new Document Center will now be able to accept PDF files, emails and more. Anything you can print can now be sent to the Document Center by way of a print driver. Multiple documents can be imported at once.

Patient Questionnaire can be customized and the patient can fill out the forms online via eCentral. Fields can be populated in the form directly from the Dentrix database

A new Perio module with tighter voice activation.

Guru integration. Lots of new modules for Guru along with the imminent launching of the Guru website. Treatment plan a procedure and Guru can be launched for informed consent.

Better Lab integration with LabNet online. Track and send cases even if your lab is not a LabNet lab.

That an more.

If you have been following my blog you will know my office has recently made the jump to G2 (better late then never) in preparation for G3. This will make the chartless office that much easier.


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