More on Dentrix G2 in my office

So far so good on the upgrade and training. My staff has taken to the Dentrix G2 very well. In fact we are ahead of schedule. We are already starting to be somewhat chartless. We are customizing the chart entries and some patients are having the chart notes written up in the computer!!!

We are still pulling charts and currently making a manually writing a note that treatment notes are recorded in the computer. I have scheduled the next training session and I will continue to let everyone know how the training and upgrades are going.

I did get a peek at G3 and will see more this week at the Chicago Mid Winter meeting.

More to come...


Allbright said…
We recently just got G2 in the last week of december 2007, and i'm disappointed to hear about a G3 so soon, especially when I dished out 30k. Sales rep(s) that I talked to mentioned NOTHING of a G3, and if it would be released in Feb/March of 2008, they SHOULD have known already and told us. I remember something about free upgrades for a year during the discussions, but I doubt something as big as G3 will be considered an "uprgrade." I'm expecting to see them charge fees of 1k+ just for this alone. Do you happen to have information on this?

Don't worry G3 is a normal Dentrix upgrade and is included with your support contract. Get up to speed on G2 and G3 will be easier to integrate.

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