New Troque Wrench

“JDentalCare has designed and developed JDTorque® the patent pending torque wrench for surgical and prosthetic use.

JDTorque® is a universal wrench; it can be used as a torque wrench or as a traditional ratchet for every implant system with an appropriate adapter.

The high mechanical resistance with the great elasticity of the plastic material PEEKTM allow JDTorque® to measure torque up to 80 Ncm, that represents an absolute news for this type of instruments.This material is extremely light compared with metals and can undergo thousands sterilization cycles at temperatures up to 134°C without changing its mechanical characteristic.Particularly simple to use, the torque wrench doesn't require any mounting or dismounting allowing to save time even during intervention of maintenance.

Design, functionality, easiness and lightness make this instrument absolutely unique

More on the web site its in both English and Italian


Rawad said…
Very innovative design, efficient and very easy to use.

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