Dentist kicks late patient off NHS register

Here is my 500th post to the blog. I never thought that I would be doing this almost daily. This is a fun post. Something we have all experienced in our practices. Make sure you click the link and read the comments after reading the conclusion of the article. Marty

Here is a great article about a patient turning up late. The best part is the comments after the article . Read the whole article on the website and enjoy all the puns that people wrote in the comments section.

A WOMAN was de-registered by her NHS dentist because she was 15 minutes late for an appointment. Now the Scottish Public Services ombudsman has upheld her complaint against Marchmont Dental Care.

Since the complaint, the practice has changed its procedures so patients will be warned in advance and not de-registered after just one late appointment.

The incident came after the practice had suffered repeated problems with new patients failing to turn-up for appointments.

The ombudsman, Professor Alice Brown, said the woman, referred to only as Mrs C, had arrived 15 minutes late for a 35-minute appointment to mend a broken tooth in January.

She told the ombudsman she had been late for reasons outwith her control - she was caught in traffic on her way to the dentist's because of a road accident.

The patient claimed that after being de-registered, she was then forced to spend several weeks trying to find a new dentist and could not be treated before July.


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