AFP Imaging Corporation Receives Canadian Government License to Market Newtom(TM) VG 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scanner

I don't have a NewTom but do have one of their EVA sensors...MJ

AFP Imaging Also Receives a Prestigious 'Technology Impact Award' for its EVA(TM) and EVA+(TM) Digital Dental Sensors

ELMSFORD, N.Y.--AFP Imaging Corporation (OTCBB: AFPC.OB ) announced today that it has been granted a medical device license from Health Canada, the federal regulator of drugs and health products, to market the company’s NewTom™ VG 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Scanner in Canada. The NewTom VG provides clinicians with detailed three-dimensional, radiographic images of the teeth and jaws while allowing patients to stand, sit, or remain in their wheel chairs while being scanned. The unit’s small footprint makes it ideal for in-office examinations when space is limited. The primary applications are for diagnosis and treatment planning in dentistry and otolaryngology (ENT), including dental implants, orthodonture, and maxillo-facial surgery, as well as ear, sinus, and airway imaging.

NewTom VG uses the same technology and proprietary software as AFP Imaging’s NewTom™ 3G, which provides a horizontal support table to accommodate elderly, infirm or trauma patients and children. AFP Imaging is the only CBCT scanning supplier to provide both vertical and horizontal configurations of this exciting technology for dental and ENT markets. The products are manufactured by AFP Imaging’s wholly owned subsidiary, Quantitative Radiology, srl (QR) in Verona, Italy.

Gary Lee, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Genexa Medical Inc., the exclusive Canadian distributor for NewTom VG and NewTom 3G, said, "We are extremely excited that Health Canada has approved the latest 3D CBCT scanner from the company that actually invented cone beam scanning. The NewTom VG is a culmination of the key advances of previous generations of NewTom scanners. It produces images with better resolution, contrast and clarity in a package whose footprint is no larger than a traditional panoramic X-ray scanner.”

AFP Imaging Receives ‘Technological Impact Award’

AFP Imaging also announced that Polytechnic University’s Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications (CATT) presented the company with a prestigious “Technology Impact Award” for successfully commercializing CATT research in the company’s EVATM line of digital dental sensors. The award was given at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn on November 8, 2007. CATT’s mission is to assist New York State companies with basic research that companies can apply commercially.

EVA digital dental systems expose patients to significantly less radiation than film X-rays, but “low radiation produces only a low level of signal per pixel. The rest of what you get is noise,” explains Jim Johnson, Director of Engineering at AFP Imaging. The challenge AFP Imaging faced was to get the clearest image while using the smallest amount of radiation as possible. To improve the process, AFP Imaging collaborated with Professor Ivan Selesick of CATT. “Dr. Selesick’s research team developed an algorithm to recognize the geometry and movement of the signals, pick out the relevant signals, and ignore the noise,” notes Mr. Johnson. “Now, EVA sensors are clearly the clearest digital dental sensors on the market.”

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