UAppoint Recives Patent

New Orleans, LA, February 6, 2007 -- Increasing, patients want to reserve their healthcare appointments online, and today UAppoint is revolutionizing the doctor-patient communications process by making it possible for doctors to automate the vital process of appointment scheduling.

Thanks to the USPTO granting patent number 7174303 to Benjamin Glazer, et al and assigning it to UAppoint, Inc. reserving an appointment time with the doctor is being automated, personalized and simplified. With the invention of “Customer Driven Sponsor Controlled Network-Based Graphical Scheduling System and Method”, healthcare is joining other industries (such as airlines, hotels, restaurants) in availing online appointment scheduling for their patients.

The state-of-the-art service emails recall notices to invite patients to select a desired appointment time. Beyond an automated notification tool, UAppoint’s unique appointment scheduling system shows patients' available appointments, allowing each patient to request an appointment at an available time. If acceptable to the dental office, a single click confirms the appointment. This is all done securely and in total compliance with HIPAA regulations. And since the medical/dental office decides which time slots are available and whether an appointment request is acceptable, the doctors’ office retains complete control over their schedule.

When staff enters a new appointment in the practice management software scheduler, an appointment card is automatically emailed to the patient. This email gives the patient a written record of the appointment. No double entry and no training necessary.

As the result of UAppoint's innovative solution, doctors' offices can now enjoy greater control over the appointment scheduling process. Effortlessly an optimal schedule is created. The automated process results in reduced overhead, reduced no-shows, reduced frustration, concomitant with enhanced patient convenience and satisfaction.

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