Treo 750 To Get Windows Mobile 6

Palm will announce an upgrade for the Treo 750 to Windows Mobile 6. Here is a photo of the Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 6.

Here are a list of new features:
  • Built-in Windows Update(!) - Will the carriers stand for this? I know that Palm spends months testing the most minor of bugfixes so the carriers won't have a bird.
  • Built-in memory card encryption and the ability to do remote-wipes.
  • HTML-formatted email (I don't want this, but others do).
  • A neater feature is "SmartFilter," which automatically filters your emails as you type just like most contacts applications filter your contacts. SmartFilter also works on your music collection.
  • Better Live Mail (nee Hotmail) integration, including contact integration.
  • 320x320 Screen Resolution support - Palm, I expect a new WM Treo yesterday with this screen resolution.
  • Windows Live goes out of Beta and will be built-in
  • Direct Push now standard (has been for awhile on WM5, but I know some of you are still stuck without it)
  • 3rd party software should still work fine - just in case you were wondering.
  • Microsoft Office Mobile updated - now full edits documents on all editions of WM6!
  • Pocket Internet Explorer to be faster, they're saying 30% faster - let's hope! Also new, "Mobile AJAX standards"
  • Better Vista integration
  • Enhanced Calendar, including a "ribbon."
  • Improved Security
  • Built-in VOIP(!) - no, not really, but they added support for it "under the hood", according to cnet.
  • A ton of smaller tweaks, changes, fixes, improvements, etc.