Saturday, February 17, 2007

The OCT Dental Imaging System(TM)

OCT is the first modality in dentistry capable of imaging both “hard” tissue (teeth) and “soft” tissue (gums) in the mouth at a very high resolution. Using the hand-held scanner, the operator captures cross-sectional images, or tomographic slices, at up to 3 mm deep into dental tissue. These cross-sectional images are then displayed individually in real-time or can be stacked in the computer to form tomograms or 3-dimensional images.

What is really cool with this product is not its ability to detect caries but take i
mages of soft tissue. Periodontal assessment can be made in real time in the mouth and the depth of periodontal pockets can be measured without physical probing. Early detection of gum disease is made possible by OCT.

No idea when or if this will come to market but cool technology none the less.

Read more on the Lantis Laser web site by clicking here.

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