Monitors Will Be Cutting the Cord

The time is coming when we will not have to worry about where to place the monitor. Updating the technology in our offices will be simplified. USB 2.0 monitors are just around the corner. So instead of VGA or DVI connectors a simple USB cable will do the trick. But wait I said cut the cord in the title. Yes wireless!

DisplayLink's DL-120 and DL-160 ICs allow "monitor manufacturers, PC OEMs and PC accessory companies to develop products for multi-monitor computing including USB-connected monitors, video-enabled USB laptop docks, and a host of other goodies for the cordless monitor. These USB chips are the "world's first" to offer VGA over a USB 2.0 connection, and there's reportedly no loss in quality or lag incurred when watching films or performing other fast-moving tasks, but that's a claim we'd have to see to truly believe. The DL-120 supports resolutions up to 1,280 x 1,024, while the more robust DL-160 kicks it all the way up to 1,600 x 1,200.

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