Nano composite inventor enters the Inventors Hall of Fame

2 0 1 8 N AT I O N A L I N V E N T O R S HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE Sumita Mitra BORN FEBRUARY 27, 1949 Sumita Mitra’s dental innovations capture the importance of strength and the elegance of beauty, allowing her to solve ongoing issues plaguing both dental patients and professionals. By revolutionizing the field of dentistry with her invention of the first nanocomposite dental materials, she made the development and commercialization of many dental products possible. Mitra’s invention of Filtek™ Supreme Universal Restorative improved upon previous dental composites by providing superior optical properties both initially and long-term, while exhibiting excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance. The Filtek™ Supreme product line has been used in more than 600 million dental restorations worldwide since the product launched in 2002. Mitra’s innovation will be celebrated this May as she is Inducted into the 2018 Class of the National Inventors Hall of Fame


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