Parkell’s TRUE Bulk-Fill Composite now contains Nano-Hydroxyapatite!


Parkell’s NEW HyperFILÒ Hap is a dual cure, bulk-fill restorative composite containing nano-hydroxyapatite. HyperFIL HAp is the perfect choice for creating quick, easy bulk-fill direct and indirect posterior restorations, especially when heavy occlusal loads are anticipated.  The nano-hydroxyapatite gives restorations a more esthetic, life-like appearance. HyperFIL HAp may be quickly light cured for a depth of 4-6mm, but the beauty of the product is the continuation of self-curing ensuring that the deepest portions of the restoration will polymerize.

Just like Original HyperFILÒ, HyperFIL HAp initially begins a gel stage (upon initial self-curing mode), allowing condensation with a hand instrument to create interproximal contacts (see Roholt technique article at

HyperFIL HAp contains 74% filler by weight and boasts a compressive strength of 355 MPa. In addition, its flexural strength is an impressive 227 MPa. But the most impressive is the proprietary low-shrinkage resin which gives HyperFIL HAp greater marginal adaptability and predictability for long-lasting, functional posterior restorations and more! For more information or to order, call Parkell: 800-243-7446 or visit


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