V-Posil Time-Optimized VPS Impression System

Maximum Precision in Up to 30% Less Chair Time

VOCO presents V-Posil, the maximum precision VPS impression system with optimized timing for reduced headaches and chair time.

V-Posil is flavorless and offers up to 2-minutes of adjustable working time, giving the practitioner control over the pace of the procedure while the abbreviated 2-minute thermo-activated set time improves patient comfort and limits procedural time.  Likewise, V-Posil’s rapid snap-set benefits both the practitioner and the patient by reducing the time spent in the critical zone by up to 50%, minimizing potential distortion due to human error, which results in less costly retakes. Through V-Posil’s optimized timing VOCO has been able to combine the working time of a regular-set with the short setting time of a fast-set in one single material.

With a low polyether-like contact angle of less than TEN degrees (<10 span="">°), V-Posil’s superior hydrophilicity displaces fluids (saliva, blood, etc.) to create an enhanced contact to the dental anatomy, yielding more precise impressions.  Additionally, V-Posil provides exceptional tear strength and elastic recovery (99.6%) to ensure dimensional accuracy of the impression after its removal.  Lab Technicians will appreciate V-Posil’s unique post-set contact angle of less than SIX degrees (<6 a="" accurate="" better="" ensures="" fitting="" for="" hydrophilicity="" models="" more="" post-set="" providing="" restorations.="" span="" stone="" that="">

Featuring four different viscosities including two tray materials in V-Posil Putty Fast and Heavy Soft Fast and two wash materials in V-Posil Light Fast and X-Light Fast, V-Posil’s indications include the full range of impression techniques as well as reline/rebase impressions and impressions for removable dental prostheses. All four viscosities are available in 50ml cartridge refills while the V-Posil Heavy Soft Fast, formulated for both easy loading and removal after it is set, is also available in the 380ml automix Dynamic Dispenser cartridge. 

Manufacturer:                         VOCO America Inc.
Contact Number:         1-888-658-2584
Contact Email:            infousa@voco.com


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