Minimally-invasive dental anesthesia: Patients' preferences and analysis of the willingness-to-pay index

Long time CCLAD user and it just works. Never thought to charge extra for it. MJ



The aim of the present prospective study was to evaluate the impact of a computer-controlled anesthesia on patients' comfort and to investigate, through the willingness-to-pay (WTP) index, and patients' acceptance of this new technology.


Fifty patients undergoing a class I or II restorative procedure were enrolled. A computer-controlled device for anesthetic delivery was utilized, and a questionnaire on the level of discomfort and WTP was given to all patients.


A total of 86% of participants declared less discomfort than that perceived during their last traditional procedure for pain control; 58% of patients were willing to pay an additional fee for a modern anesthesia technique, with a median WTP value of 20$.


Computer-controlled systems for local anesthesia represent a relevant tool for reducing patients' discomfort during dental treatment. The WTP index helps to quantify its relevance.


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