Upgrade Your Oral Care with REACH® Total Care™ Toothbrushes Fact Sheet


Since its inception, the REACH® brand has brought to market innovative, high performance toothbrushes.  Now, forty years later, the brand continues to respond to the evolving oral care needs of consumers everywhere with REACH® Total Care™ toothbrushes, a new line from Dr. Fresh®, LLC.

·       REACH® Total Care™ toothbrushes come in three designs addressing individual oral care goals.  Choose from these targeted solutions: REACH® Total Care™ Multi-Action, REACH® Total Care™ + Whitening, and REACH® Total Care™ Floss Clean

·       All designs are technologically advanced for superior access to hard-to-reach areas, excellent control, plaque removal, fresh breath, and total mouth clean

·       Upgrading your toothbrush to REACH® Total Care™ is an affordable and important investment towards better oral care and overall health

·       Special features include scientifically angled necks, lightweight ergonomic handles, a unique thumb grip for precision and control, and tongue cleaners to fight bad breath-causing bacteria

·       REACH® Total Care™ Multi-Action offers multi-directional cleaning and polishing for a superior whole mouth clean.  The multi-directional bristles buff away stubborn plaque and have even been shown to remove up to 90% of plaque.  A soft thumb grip affords excellent control

·       REACH® Total Care™ + Whitening features unique Calcium Carbonate Micrawhitening® bristles, proven in laboratory tests to remove surface stains.  It also has multi-action cleaning bristles and a cleaning tip to aid in the removal of plaque

·       REACH® Total Care™ Floss Clean is ideal for cleaning the tight spaces between teeth and gums with its slimmer tipped Floss Bristles™ technology, while a tongue cleaner removes bad breath causing bacteria.

·       Even the best toothbrushes need to be replaced after three months. REACH offers consumers a convenient SMS text reminder program.   To sign up for these important alerts, visit www.Reachtoothbrush.com/sms

·       All three brushes are available in single or value-priced two packs, and come in a choice of soft or medium bristles

·       REACH® Total Care™ toothbrushes retail from $3.99-$5.99 (for one count and two count, respectively)

·       Available at major food, drug, and mass merchandise outlets nationwide.  Or visit www.reachtoothbrush.com/buy

·       For more information, please contact Megan Brown Bennett of Light Years Ahead at (310) 505-4224 or megan@lightyearsahead.com

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About Dr. Fresh, LLC
Dr. Fresh, LLC (www.drfresh.com) is an oral care company dedicated to helping families live better, healthier lives.  As one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S., Dr. Fresh provides great brands that provide innovative solutions and remarkable value. Established in 1998, Dr. Fresh offers quality personal care products including its top-selling Firefly® flashing toothbrush for kids, Reach® advanced toothbrushes providing superior cleaning for hard-to-reach places®, Binaca® breath freshening products, and Dr. Fresh® products focused on value and affordability.  With a broad international business, Dr. Fresh operates three offices globally (US, UK, and China), and has distribution in over 35 countries.


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