Sirona announces CEREC® software for orthodontics

At the Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), Sirona is presenting the new CEREC Ortho software module as a work in progress. The new product guides CEREC users in creating full-jaw models for a variety of orthodontic treatment options. The software will be available to all Omnicam users in the second half of 2014.

Bensheim/Salzburg, April 25, 2014. As a technology leader in the dental industry with over 50 years of experience in orthodontics, Sirona was the first to bring digital imaging to the practice with the very first OPG and CEPH X-Ray units. Based on this experience as well over 30 years of success as the market leader in dental CAD/CAM technology, Sirona is now expanding its orthodontic product line with the new CEREC Ortho software for orthodontic scanning, shown as a work in progress at the Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), held from April 25 – 29, 2014. The software will be made available to CEREC Omnicam users near the end of the year once it has regulatory clearance in the US and Europe.

Digital models for the planning and implementation of orthodontic treatments
The new CEREC Ortho software allows orthodontists to prepare a digital model of the entire dental arch using a continuous imaging technique. The program guides users through every step of the patent-pending guided scanning process to ensure that the intraoral camera captures all of the required information quickly and easily. Acoustic signals, images and brief on-screen explanations assist users with the camera work. The data can be easily exported for orthodontic treatment planning and the production of the required appliances. A seamless Dolphin 3D interface aids diagnostics and patient education, while a dedicated file transfer to ClearCorrect allows for the production of clear aligners. Classic appliances can be ordered from any orthodontic laboratory in the Sirona Connect network. “Our orthodontic software opens a completely new treatment field for our CEREC customers,” says Roddy MacLeod, Vice President CAD/CAM Systems at Sirona. “CEREC digital impressions are being developed for all orthodontic applications and the production of any kind of orthodontic appliance.”

Quick and easy application improves workflows
The CEREC-supported process accelerates treatments and reduces costs because it does away with the cumbersome production, shipping and storage of plaster models. Patients do not have to wait as long for their orthodontic appliances. In addition, ease of use facilitates the delegation of tasks to other members of the practice team. “Creating accurate digital models with CEREC is much more comfortable for the patient. The seamless export to Dolphin and our preferred lab makes delivery of appliances to the patient quick and smooth,” says Dr. Marc Lemchen, a CEREC Ortho tester.


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