Investigation of bacteremia induced by removal of orthodontic mini-implants

SUMMARY The aim of this study was to investigate potential occurrence of bacteremia in orthodontic patients after removal of miniscrews.The study group comprised 30 healthy subjects (17 males, 13 females) with a mean age of 24.1 years treated with self-ligating fixed appliances and mini-implant anchorage. Two 20ml venous blood samples were obtained prior to and 30–60 seconds after miniscrew explantation following an aseptic technique. Blood culturing in aerobic and anaerobic conditions was carried out by means of the BACTEC blood culture analyzer. Microbiological analysis showed that none of the pre- and post-operative samples exhibited detectable bacteremia. Future research should be focused on determining the collective bacteremic effect of a sequence of orthodontic procedures including miniscrew placement or removal, typically performed during a single treatment session.


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