Review of the PowerRocks

So I finally got some time to review the PowerRocks Magic Stick which I mentioned in the blog last month.

When I am attending a large dental meeting I need my phone to function from morning until late night. In many cases my iPhone has never measured up to the task, including the new iPhone 5S. On these days between meetings, text messaging and emails the battery gets very low around dinner time and I have to be very careful in conserving battery as I never know when I will need to make a call or get a message to someone. In the past I have used a large external battery which was a pain to lug around or a Mophie case for my previous iPhone. The Mophie case worked well but required me to change cases and this was a hassle at times to remove my Otterbox case form my iPhone. This is where the PowerRocks Magic Stick comes in. It is the size of a small flashlight and contains enough battery power to easily charge my iPhone and keep me safely using my device.

The PowerRocks is a USB battery pack containing 2800mAh of power. Easily enough power  to top off your phone or tablet. Since the device has a standard USB connector you can charge any phone, tablet or camera that has a USB cord for charging. It comes with a microUSB charging cable and small bag to put everything into. Just plug it into your standard USB wall charger and its good to go.

So no more changing cases when I need to go out of town. Its as simple as keeping the device with my other electronic goodies and slipping it into my conference bag or pocket. I don't worry about running out of power when carrying my PowerRocks Magic Stick battery as its just a simple plug and play for continued phone use.

So if you are considering an external battery charger consider the Power Rock Magic Stick.

Small size and easy to carry
Can charge any USB Device (phones, tablets etc.)
Easy to share power with others
Quick topping off battery 
No need to carry a dedicated external battery

Requires carrying the charging cable.


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