Paired maxillary and smaller mandibular mouthguard for rugby player with malalignment

Takeda, T., Kajima, T., Nakajima, K., Narimatsu, K., Konno, M., Hasegawa, K., Sekiguchi, C., Ozawa, T., Noh, K. and Ishigami, K. (2013), Paired maxillary and smaller mandibular mouthguard for rugby player with malalignment. Dental Traumatology. doi: 10.1111/edt.12050


A rugby player who had frequently experienced soft tissue injuries while playing rugby and wearing a conventional custom-made mouthguard came to the hospital clinic. The patient had suffered traumatic soft tissue injuries such as lip lacerations and bite trauma. Severe crowding due to ectopic maxillary and mandibular canines was observed. In response to the patient's request for better protection, a set of maxillary and mandibular mouthguards was designed: one covering the entire maxillary dentition and the other the mandibular front teeth only. The mouthguards were to be worn simultaneously. In this paper, we describe how these mouthguards were fabricated and discuss the results. The patient has experienced no injury to the stomatognathic system, including the lips, for five seasons since he began wearing this set of mouthguards. This new pairing of mouthguards appears to offer sufficient protection against injury, despite severe malalignment. We believe that this new type of paired maxillary and mandibular mouthguards has the potential to reduce sports-related dental injuries.


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