Have You Considered Trudenta?

Last Month 569,000 Patients Searched TMJ/TMD
Only 201,000 Searched Cosmetic Dentistry
To grow your practice, it is logical you would provide dental care that is demanded and searched for by most patients. You may have added cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, implants or other new services. But are those services actually what patients are searching for?
TruDenta | Life Changing Dentistry
Did you know that properly trained and equipped dentists can now predictably and profitably resolve most TMJ/D without a permanent orthotic? And they can help many of the 80 million Americans with chronic headaches, migraines and TMJ/D? (According to The U.S. NIH)

We have hundreds of practices in 46 U.S. states helping thousands of patients without drugs, needles, or pain. Patients are thrilled and doctors earn $1500+ per hour for their chair time. Many practices have patient waiting lists for this care without spending money on marketing!

About 20% of your current patients are symptomatic today. To learn how to refer your current patients for this demanded care, or whether to provide this care to new patients in your practice, please call 877-557-5119 to arrange a 10-minute summary call.


Dr. Richard Amy, Chief Medical Officer
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