Do Your Teeth Define Your Personality

Your personality can be defined by many different things. How you talk, how you dress, the way you smile. Smiles are almost always associated with personality, but the one thing that is hardly ever associated with personality is teeth. While teeth are often times overlooked, they can actually be indicators of a person’s personality.
Every year millions of dollars are spent just on teeth. Maintaining healthy teeth is an everyday routine for most people. Brushing and flossing are the normal day to day activities, but many people also do other things. Whitening teeth is a popular undertaking along with straightening them. Teeth are a valued part of our culture, perhaps because they are essentially the main contributors to smiles. 

There are many things that can be indicated by your teeth alone. The way that your teeth are shaped can offer insight into your age, they indicate your gender, and they can also suggest whether you are feminine or masculine. Being aggressive, passive, or a pushover can also be associated with your teeth. These are some of the characteristics of teeth that can be indicative of someone’s personality. Grinding your teeth is also another aspect that can be reflective of people’s personalities.
While many things contribute to a person’s personality, it is interesting to think about the way in which teeth can be indicative of personality. Most people see the overall smile, but teeth are an essential part of smiles. The way that they look is clearly valued, maybe because people somehow know that teeth can display their personality. 

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Dental Assisting Training Infographic
[Infopgraphic provided by Carrington College's Dental Assisting Program]


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