Children's perspective on the dentist's attire

International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry 2013; 00:00-00



Despite many advances in paediatric dentistry, the greatest challenge for any paediatric dentist is to remove the anxiety related to a dental visit and get the child patient to accept the treatment readily. The manner in which the dentist presents himself plays an important role in cementing a friendly relation with the child.


To assess school children's perceptions and preferences towards dentist's attire so as to understand their psych and promote a successful relationship with the patient.


A questionnaire designed to evaluate children's attitudes and preferences towards dentists was distributed in public schools and was completed by 619 children (322 males, 297 females) aged between 6–14 years.


The study found that majority of children preferred dental professionals to wear traditional formal attire with a white coat and name badge. They preferred the use of plain masks and white gloves but disliked protective eyewear or headcaps. Most children liked dentists with closed shoes and no jewellery but preferred the use of a wrist watch.


The results obtained from this study can help dentists decide what is appropriate to wear when dealing with children so as to minimise their anxiety and improve delivery of health care.


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