Respect at CE courses- It goes both ways!

I recently attended a 2 Day CE course. The documentation stated registration was at 7:30am and the course was to start at 8am SHARP! I drove an hour and a half and made sure I got there on time. Many others did also.

Well, the course did not start until after 8:30am. The administration of the course was in disarray. This was totally unacceptable. There were further administration issues as to timing of course activities, as different pieces of literature stated different start and stop times for breaks, lunch and the workshop portion. This was not the CE providers first workshop. These types of problems are unacceptable. The people putting on CE events need to respect the time of the attendees.

This is not a one way street. For those taking the CE classes. Try to arrive on time.  A few minutes late is one thing but having groups wandering in 20+ minutes late is disruptive to those who were able to arrive on time.  Have your paperwork together. If you need a ticket for admission, please have it available so you don't have people lining up behind you. Don't forget common courtesy.

CE events are a wonderful way to learn more about ways to help our patients and ourselves. Lets maximize the opportunity.


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