ClearCorrect Announces New $395 and Unlimited Treatment Options for 2013

HOUSTON, Texas—ClearCorrect, a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, recently announced new treatment options, available starting January 1, 2013. Refined based on doctor feedback, these new options will provide the greatest combination of affordability, flexibility, and predictability ever offered for clear aligners.

The new treatment options include:

Limited 6 — $395

The new Limited 6 will be the most affordable clear aligner treatment option in the industry. It’s ideal for simple anterior adjustments. The $395 lab fee covers up to 6 sets of clear aligners (single or dual arch). Like all ClearCorrect cases, it also includes a treatment setup, Phase Zero (initial passive aligners), and retainers. That's more aligners than the competition, offered at a lower price. $395 is not a limited-time promotion—it's the everyday lab fee. 

Limited 12 — $695

This includes up to 12 steps of clear aligners, plus a treatment setup, Phase Zero, and retainers. There’s no fee for revisions, as long as the case stays under 12 total aligners. Up to 2 replacement aligners are now included at no extra cost.

Unlimited — $1095

This one is a biggie. If Limited 6 is the most affordable clear aligner option in the industry, the Unlimited is the most flexible and predictable. It’s pretty simple to explain: the doctor gets as many aligners as needed, until the case is closed. That includes unlimited revisions for up to 3 years and replacements for any aligner at no extra cost. Some restrictions apply; see terms & conditions for details.

ClearCorrect will also be offering case evaluations and standalone treatment setups to lower the barrier to entry even further for doctors and their patients. And doctors can upgrade any case to a more comprehensive treatment option just by paying the difference in initial lab fees.

It's the same great ClearCorrect product, now even more flexible and doctor-friendly.

About ClearCorrect, LLC

ClearCorrect works with more than 12,000 doctors, making it a leading manufacturer of clear aligners. The company offers a more affordable and doctor-friendly approach, including a phase-based delivery system to enhance flexibility and control for doctors. For more information, call (888) 331-3323 or visit


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