Bruce Springsteen Concert Provides A New Perspective On Dentistry

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a couple of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Concerts. On one evening I took my daughter. I am a Bruce Springsteen fan and have seen over a hundred concerts going back to the 1970's, My daughter only has seen  a few Springsteen concerts.
So after the show I get a call from Fred Joyal of 1-800 Dentist who happened to be sitting on the other end of the aisle. We both were discussing the fact that the show we had just seen was amazing. My daughter just thought it was OK. So why the discrepancy? It was all about the prespective. Seeing rarely played songs was great for me but for someone not as well versed in a very large song catalog it was just another good show.

So how does this relate to dentistry? It is all about our prespective. There has been a big changes in dental technology. Think about what we do and why we do it. Are you relying on information that was given to you in dental school many years ago? Maybe it is time to update your perspective.

Look how much has changed. Bulk Fill Composites such as Kerr's Sonicfill make restoring a posterior tooth much more efficient. ConeBeam technology makes three dimensional imaging available to many dentists for better treatment planning. Caries detection with imaging using Air Techniques Spectra or Acteon's Soprolife provide for diagnosing and  monitoring caries. Minimal Invasive Dentistry (MID) did not exist when I was in dental school so think how many teeth we restored that today we might be able to remineralize?

So it is all about your perspective. Look at technology and the things you are doing and see what you can change and how it can make you more efficient and provide better care to your patients. Having experience is great but make sure you can see the bigger picture.


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