Does Your Server Phone Home?

I recently received an email from my backup server which is the DDS Rescue Failover Server from Liptak Dental:

"You are receiving this alert because we have detected a hardware fault, which could potentially be a SMART failure, temperature failure, fan speed, or power supply voltage. Please refer to your device status page for more detailed information."

I was then able to log in and see that the temperature of the computer was getting HOT!
So what could be wrong? The fan may have failed on the server. The fan in the cabinet may have failed and the temperature was increasing in the cabinet.The cabinet vent may have been covered up.

The important part is the server phoned home when something was wrong. Does your server let you know when it has completed it on/off site backups? Does it let you know if there is a problem?

If you are not regularly getting information from your server(s) then you need to contact your IT person and make sure all the systems are in place to protect your data! It is very important part of running your office. A hardware or software failure can seriously impact you practice with lost productivity.


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